At Time Out Youth Center- youth voice is most important in all aspects of the Center. With this in mind we recognize, believe and understand that it is important to offer LGBTQ youth leadership training opportunities as well as include them in decision making processes within our agency.  We have several opportunities for youth to participate in a leadership capacity or learn leadership skills.

These include:
  • Board of Directors:  Currently we have four youth members on our Board of Directors who all serve in the same capacities and with similar responsibilities as our adult Board members.  Youth Board terms are one year in duration, with option to extend to full board term. Youth Board Members work with staff to lead Youth Senate meetings and provide feedback to staff in order to ensure that Time Out Youth remains relevant to the needs of LGBTQ youth.
  • Youth Senate:  The Youth Senate is a monthly Discussion Group where youth are encouraged to work with staff in order to improve our event planning, programming calendar, marketing to youth, budgeting for major youth events, and topics for discussion groups.  All youth are eligible to be a member of the Youth Senate.  The Youth Senate meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm. Youth Senate is led by youth members of our Board of Directors who work with staff to ensure that Time Out Youth continues to be a relevant resource for youth in everything that we do.

  • Senior Projects and Internships:
    • Time Out Youth Center provides opportunities and support for Senior Projects and school internships.
    • The Center accepts high school, graduate and undergraduate internships.  For more information and approval process, please contact the Director of Youth Programs 
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network: Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) are student-run groups that exist within middle schools, high schools, or colleges. They go by many names and might include Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Queer Straight Alliances, Straight Gay Alliances, PRIDE, Diversity Club, Human Rights Club, Spectrum, Skittles, or some other name. These groups work within their own schools to promote safety, inclusion, and acceptance for LGBTQ students:

    Time Out Youth supports the exchange of ideas between these groups as well as promotes social networking events for GSAs across the region. Time Out Youth hosts a GSA Network Meeting during our Discussion Group on the third Wednesday of every month while school is in session.