Time Out Youth is a place where you can experience a sense of belonging and community.  Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, a straight ally – or just don’t want to be labeled, you will be welcomed here.  Some of our youth are out, some are partially out, and some are not out at all.  Time Out Youth offers a safe space for all and fully respects the journey of each individual. While at Time Out Youth, you are not expected to be anyone or anything except who you are.

The Center is open Monday-Tuesday from 3:00PM-6:30PM and Wednesday-Friday from 3:00-8:30PM for youth.

Center staff are here at 9:00AM. If you need someone, please call or drop by.

Who comes to Time Out Youth Center?

All types of youth come to the Center- the average age is around 17 years old- but the full age range is from 11 to 20. 

The Center works hard to be open and accepting of all youth and never makes assumptions on your identity.  Don’t be surprised if another youth or adult ask what name and pronouns you identify with.


I know it sounds like a simple question, but at the Center we want to use correct pronouns for everyone in the space. Pronouns are words used to refer to a person other than their name.

Some examples of pronouns include:

  • She/Her/Hers
  • He/Him/His
  • They/Them/Their
  • Xe/Hir/Hirs

To learn more about pronouns, check out this great video or feel free to ask staff or youth at Time Out Youth Center.

At Time Out Youth Center we work to create a space that is safe and inclusive so that youth can feel free to express their true selves without fear of rejection or judgment. In order to do this we do have rules that are in place to keep the space safe and fun for everyone. Our most important rule is simply that when in this space we respect ourselves and we respect one another.

The first time you come into Time Out Youth Center you will be given a tour and a copy of our Rights and Responsibilities. These Rights and Responsibilities help to make sure that we are all aware and accountable for the safety of our space.

The following are a list of behaviors or actions that are not permitted at Time Out Youth Center:

  • Possession or use of illegal drugs
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Sexual activity
  • Theft
  • Physical violence or the threat of physical violence
  • Rude, discourteous or disrespectful behavior that is directed against any individual or that disrupts the activities or operations of the building
  • Use of profanity or hateful speech that could jeopardize the safety of the space

We also have Group Norms, which are basically guidelines that we use during Discussion Group to make sure that everyone has a chance to be heard. These will be discussed at the beginning of each Discussion Group.

If you ever have a question about the guidelines of Time Out Youth Center, staff are always present to talk with you.

Time Out Youth Center has tons of fun, youth-focused events all year long! Some of our most popular events include our annual Prom, Lock-Ins, Dances, Parties, Friday Night Dinners, Art Projects, Trips, Advocacy Events and Community Outings.

You can check out our calendar for a full listing of upcoming events or ask a staff person for more information. We also have the TOY Closet: a private group on Facebook just for youth that you can request to join where you can stay connected and help us plan upcoming events and activities!

Discussion Groups in our space are a time for youth, staff and volunteers to discuss different topics relevant to our youth. Discussion Groups can literally be about anything from ‘Coming Out’ to ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ and are a great way for youth to be able to talk about issues with other youth. Many times we will have guest speakers join our discussions to bring in outside perspectives or new information.

Discussion Groups kick off at 6:30pm and run until 8:30pm. We start by going over any special announcements for the week followed by reviewing Group Norms and then sharing our names and pronouns.

After we finish introductions then we dive into the topic for the night. Discussion Groups can have all sorts of different forms. Some groups are more conversational while others are very interactive. You can find descriptions of all of our Group topics on our calendar.

We also encourage youth to lead groups! Do you have a topic you are passionate about or a skill you would like to share with other you? Talk to a staff person and we can help you plan a great Discussion Group.

No, the Center’s focus is on LGBTQ youth, but all are welcome in our space. We do require that everyone who is in our space respect all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Volunteers have to be a minimum of 22 years old.  However, there are lots of ways that you can make an impact at Time Out Youth Center as a youth! We have opportunities for youth to work with staff and volunteers to develop programs and to make sure that the space stays relevant to youth. Youth can join our Board of Directors, become members of our Speaker’s Bureau, and even complete school projects by working with our space.

Time Out Youth Center
3800 Monroe Road
Charlotte NC 28205

If you have trouble finding us just give us a call at 704-344-8335 and someone will be more than happy to help guide you as best we can.

Physical Location
Located on the 3800 block of Monroe Road, near the intersection of Monroe and Wendover in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Bus Route
From Charlotte Bus Transit Center, take the 27 to Wendover and Monroe Rd. 

We do not have a ride share program; however, we do have a closed Facebook group where people line up rides with other youth.

We do allow parents to come and attend one Discussion Group. If a parent would like to attend they do need to speak with a staff person first. We ask parents to sit in the back to minimize any distraction and to act as an observer.

Parents interested in learning more about LGBTQ issues or in becoming an ally to LGBTQ youth are encouraged to join PFLAG. The Charlotte PFLAG chapter has their monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month in our Multi-Purpose room.

Visits to the Center are confidential.   We have rules about how to handle if you see other youth outside the space and work to make sure that youth are not ‘outed’.  A youth must give staff members permission to talk with parents.  The only time staff are obligated to contact parents is if a youth is going to do harm to themselves or to others.

If a youth is under 18, they will need permission from parents to participate in overnight trips, lock-ins or any other activity where we travel outside of the Center.

Things are always new and different at the Center! Check out the youth calendar of events for what is happening this week. You can also join the TOY Closet if you are on Facebook. This is a private group for youth where we provide updates about what is happening at The Center daily.

Drop In Space is daily from 3:00-6:30PM.    We open at noon on days Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are closed.

We are a Drop In Center- come in anytime you want! If you have any additional questions before you come in feel free to call the Center at 704-344-8335. All new youth will be given a tour and an explanation of the Center from a youth or a staff person.