School Staff and Administration



Safe Zone Training (K-12 teachers, staff, and administrators)

Safe Zone Trainings are for teachers, staff, and administrators who work with LGBTQ students. Following the training, participants will be able to identify issues facing LGBTQ students, articulate appropriate terminology, locate additional resources for their schools or classrooms, and increase their skill levels in supporting LGBTQ students. Participants will receive a Time Out Youth Safe Zone sticker to display upon completion of the training.

Welcoming Schools (K-5 teachers, staff, and administrators)  

Welcoming Schools is a comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools for all students and their families. It is one of the few resources for elementary schools across the country that provides professional development and resources on:

  • Embracing Family Diversity
  • Creating LGBTQ-inclusive Schools
  • Preventing Bias-based Bullying and Gender Stereotyping
  • Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Students

The Welcoming Schools approach is grounded in research that links improved academic achievement and social-emotional well-being with an inclusive school climate. To learn more about Welcoming Schools, visit their website:

Transgender 101 Workshop (K-12 teachers, staff, and administrators)

Transgender 101 Workshops focus on topics related specifically to gender identity and gender expression. Participants will be able to identify unique issues facing transgender and gender expansive students, articulate appropriate terminology, locate additional resources for their schools or classrooms, and increase their skill levels in supporting transgender and gender expansive students.

Speakers Bureau

Time Out Youth Center’s Speakers Bureau is a unique workshop led by LGBTQ youth. The goal of this program is to eliminate bias, homophobia, and transphobia. Trained LGBTQ youth tell their personal stories of coming out and community/family acceptance, then answer questions from the audience about their experiences. Presentations can be scheduled as a stand-alone engagement of one hour for students or faculty, or they can be scheduled as a component of the above trainings/workshops.                                




School Policy/Protocols Support

Time Out Youth Center offers support for writing and implementing LGBTQ-inclusive school policies and protocols, with an emphasis on supporting transgender and gender expansive students. Areas of focus include non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies, dress codes, gay-straight alliance (GSA) clubs, prom/homecoming events, name/pronouns, gendered spaces (restrooms, locker rooms, field trips), and confidentiality.

Gender Support Plans

Time Out Youth Center works with area schools to implement gender support plans for transgender and gender expansive students at all grade levels. These plans bring administrators, counselors, teachers, and guardians together to create a support structure for each child within the school building using resources offered by national partner organization, Gender Spectrum. For more information on Gender Spectrum, please visit their website:


To schedule a training, workshop, or meeting, please contact the Assistant Director of School Outreach: or 704-344-8335 ext. 604.