Statement on North Carolina’s Harmful HB2

Time Out Youth Center has supported LGBTQ youth in North Carolina for 25 years, and will continue to do so regardless of yesterday’s setback in Raleigh.  The discriminatory law passed by the North Carolina General Assembly and signed by the governor overrides local nondiscrimination ordinances statewide and requires transgender and gender expansive students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificate, even if that conflicts with their gender identity.

Time Out Youth Center wants the youth we serve to know that, although HB2 was passed and signed into law yesterday, LGBTQ students still have rights in K-12 schools in North Carolina. You still have the right to express your gender identity at school. You have the right to have your name and pronouns respected by school staff. You have the right to attend school dances with the date of your choice. You have the right to privacy. You have the right to have a GSA club in your school. And no matter what, Time Out Youth Center is here to support you and fight for your rights at school and in the community.